Our Services


We are a group of health professionals who have put together this website, to provide information and advice to everyone in the community.

We strive to cover all aspects of public health and social care.

So if you need some ideas on which care home would be suitable for your elderly parent or need advice with managing a health condition, then we will aim to have a page on it shortly.

The topics we will cover include;


We offer support to pregnant women and their families through information and advice about pregnancy, bumps and beyond.

We can put women in touch with midwives, working in their communities and help them access ante natal facilities. We also offer support with regard to diet, managing health conditions and smoking cessation.

In addition to this, we have a database of local ante natal classes which are being run in your area.


Our community nutritionists have contributed by compiling lists of easy recipes and recipes on a budget. They also have information about cooking for various types of diet (food intolerances, medical conditions, etc).

But we are always looking for more ideas. If you would like to submit a recipe to the ‘Healthy Eating Cookbook’ please send it to them!


We provide and collate information on care homes and assisted living. A fact sheet on ‘Choosing The Right Care Home’ may be downloaded from our site.

We also have an outreach service of befriending and visiting older people in their own homes.

Our visitors are all volunteers, who have been trained to a high standard. If you are interested in becoming involved with this, we would love to hear from you.


We provide listings of all local exercise groups and walking clubs as well as dance and sport activities. If you would like to list your activity and you are a not for profit organization, please contact us.


Good mental health is essential for both the individual wellbeing and that of the wider community. We try and make accessing resources to better mental health more accessible.

We can provide details of counseling services and other initiatives that are local to your area.


Once a year we hold our AGM and like to get people to become involved in attending. We also encourage smaller community groups to organize, within people’s own local areas.