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Benefits of vaginal rejuvenation in miami

People go to the cosmetic surgeons in Miami, Florida all the time to have their looks enhanced to bring out their best side virtually all the time. However, when I, Jennifer 35 (mother of three beautiful children), decided to undergo the procedure for vaginal rejuvenation Miami, it seemed to be a total surprise to all my friends and my husband. I must admit I too was a little surprised. And so from a wealth of experience below are some of the benefits I am now enjoying a year later. I am not the kind to write reviews or blog posts, but I genuinely hope I can help a woman out there struggling with the same problems I was one year ago.

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Merits of vagina rejuvenation in my own perspective.


  • Your vagina will return to the tightness you had back in the day before the first child came along – generally when you were a younger. If younger is what men in Miami want then ladies, we give them younger and tighter than ever before! Way back before the firstborn came along. Now three births later, things do not quite fit in like they used to before, so there is a need for some tummy tucking, right?
  • A sleek; trim vagina will do your confidence the world of good


Have been having doubts about your partner not really being into doing it nowadays?


So you think that maybe he is having an affair with another woman? Then how comes that time you spent the whole weekend together he still didn’t feel as good as he used to? Let’s face it, honey, admit that you could be the cause of the problem. Moreover, you too are not to blame; it is just that time takes its toll on a body. Vaginal rejuvenation could give you back that confidence just as it did for me!

  • You get to re-contour your vagina to achieve your perfect figure. This correction will make it easier for you to wear bikinis without your vagina sticking out


Have you had one of those embarrassing fashion moments when you notice that your contour is sticking out of your clingy outfit?


Let me guess; you were on the beach in a bikini? Yeah, me too! I have been there –believe it or not – and right now I can wear any outfit I please and still look stunningly beautiful. It is amazing how the doctors can re-contour your body like that- simply amazing. Moreover,it’s not only about the looks on the outside if you want to feel beautiful in the nude truly, and then they have to get the contour right. My vaginoplasty surgeon used laser equipment that hardly leaves any noticeable scars at all so I would totally recommend you to try the same.

  • Improved sensation during sexual intercourse


Back to where we started, it is not really just your partner who doesn’t seem to enjoy the sex anymore, is it?


You too don’t seem to feel the sweet sensations like you used to before really and I totally get it! I get it, it’s scary to think that something is wrong with you. however, again I hate to break it to your that perhaps you are the problem, but like I am constantly insisting when we discuss these things with my lady friends –it is not your fault at all. It’s just the aging process. Should you choose to accept it, this procedure ca help you alter that process, so you enjoy your sex life better – just like it has done for me?

  • Will help your vaginal lift due to urinary incontinence with a corrective surgery



Have you suffered from urinary incontinence issues?

If so, have you had any corrective surgical procedures done on your vagina recently? After recovery, patients start to notice all these scars and wonder whether it is a life sentence. That is when it makes sense to see a cosmetic surgeon about it. Not only are you able to get rid of the scarring almost entirely, but vaginal rejuvenation also helps with your incontinence issues as well, or at least, so I have heard.

  • Your partner will enjoy the sex more.

It is high time you made up your mind about it already if not for your own sake then do it for the sake of your partner. I know it’s a mouthful, I have been there remember? Its selfish to only consider yourself as a woman but at the same time you should only go through with the vaginoplasty procedure if and only if it makes you happier. That is, if you are content with doing it, you are willing and are positive that it will make your life better. You should not feel the pressure of doing it for your husband because then your heart wouldn’t really be into it. For whatever reasons you decide to go ahead with vaginal rejuvenation, it will certainly help your partner in the sense that they enjoy the sex you have more. At least mine did appreciate the benefits of the procedure.

  • Sex will feel more comfortable for you.

All jokes aside, sometimes it’s not even about the fun, is sex feeling like torture for your girl? Have you been trying all these crazy lubes and none of them seem to work- your man come in and you are like hell no!? If you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse then maybe you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor sooner. Personally I don’t know anything about that but I heard there are some women out there that scream in pain, too much pain. if you are one of them, then this procedure will help.

Final Thoughts about Vaginal Rejuvenation

Finally, with all the risk involved plus the costs and discomfort before and after the surgery until healing, it is not uncommon for women to shy away from undertaking the surgical operation. However, it is the numerous benefits that attract more and more women to go ahead with the surgical operation. You too should go ahead with the procedure with a positive mind in case you are having doubts. It worked for me; I hope it will work for you too.